Research Interests

Fog computing / Edge computing / Micro datacenter (MDC)

  • Resource management according to IoT and mobile nodes
  • Load balancing
  • Efficient and scalable task offloading
  • Latency management
  • Boomerang routing through fog (Foomerang)
  • Delay tolerant computing through fog
  • Quality degradation and quality of service based resource management
  • Quality of service to quality of experience mapping

Cloud computing

  • Resource management on the basis of historical record and service utilization probability
  • Inter-cloud computing
  • Cloud broker's archiecture and roles
  • Cloud storage heterogeneity and issues
  • Cloud storage management and offloading
  • Media cloud and quality of service aware resource management


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • Driver bahavior monitoring
  • Driver assistance
  • Sensor networking for ITS
  • Fog computing for ITS

Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud of Things (CoT)

  • IoT middlewares
  • Cloud of things (CoT) - cloud-IoT convergence
  • IoT-fog-cloud convergance
  • IoT task offloading
  • IoT resource management
  • IoT based flip learning in medical education
  • Role of smart gateway in cloud of things

Thin-Thick client collaboration in cloud computing

  • Thin-thick client collaboration in cloud computing for task offloading
  • IoT/mobile node to edge/fog node task offloading
  • Task offloading from edge/fog node to IoT node or cloud

QoS related issues and QoS provisioning mechanisms

  • QoS monitoring
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) based QoE assessment
  • QoS-QoE mapping
  • QoS-QoE based adaptive resource procurement

Smart cities

  • Smart emergency management
  • Smart waste management
  • Smart water management

IPv4-IPv6 transitioning

  • Implementation of 6to4, Teredo, and ISATAP tunneling protocols
  • Delay and packet loss comparisons among 6to4, Teredo, and ISATAP

Context-aware computing

  • Context-awareness in the context of IoT
  • Context fusion
  • Context representation

Key tools worked on

  • CloudSim
  • Java 2 (J2SE)
  • VMware
  • NS2/3
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • R
  • Asterisk
  • Hadoop
  • MapReduce